New Update

New video recorded on 4 April 2018: Present main office of GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS at Do Batti Chouraha, Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India

Again started taking market works:

1) You can also contact for Digital Marketing of your products, business, services or talents etc.

2) You can also contact to develop your Website, Shopping portal or Android App etc.

3) You can also contact to design or develop your image ad or video advertisement etc.

4) Also providing Google Adwords Online training to learn Digital Marketing.

5) You can also contact to buy computer related products like keyboards, speakers & mouse etc.


a) Comprehensive & qualitative Productivity:

b) Game Apps & other Apps:

c) Video Tutorials on various Subjects & Categories:

Video Tutorial: How to build professional Recording Studio using Room & Mobile or Smartphone to shoot News or Interview, to develop Video Tutorial, Lecture or any Digital Video etc. & Technical Tips by GURMEET SINGH DANG

Video title: Useful, qualitative, valuable, creative & innovative Apps & Game Apps in Hindi by GURMEET SINGH DANG